COVID-19 Policy Decisions

on Wed, 08/18/2021 - 03:49

The past 18 months have been at the very least disquieting, and at many times heartbreaking. Most of us have lost loved ones - myself included. The decision to continue running this convention is not something either Andrew or I weighed lightly. After listening to the experts in epidemiology, we believe that the available vaccines are finally the tool that will allow us to safely host this convention when combined with other precautions. We're finally ready to have some fun, and we're going to do it right. The following policies will be in place for the convention to be held October 23-24, 2021. All policies are obviously subject to change based on new evidence and situations that arise, to ensure the safety of all attendees.

Vaccines Required

Proof of vaccine/s against COVID-19 will be required in order to gain entry to the convention. Being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 means that you must have received your final dose (2nd shot for Moderna or Pfizer, one for J&J) at least two weeks prior to the convention date (to ensure fully efficacy).

Once you pre-register online, you can send proof in advance to If you have pre-registered and provided vaccination proof in advance, then you will be able to use a designated fast-lane at badge pickup where you can get your badge faster. You can still show vaccination proof on-site if you registered online, but you will have to wait in line longer for badge pickup.

Proof of vaccine can be provided by:

  • A copy or image of your vaccination card
  • Printout or phone screen of IDPH website showing COVID-19 vaccine (apply filter for COVID-19 before printing)
  • If you are affiliated with the University of Illinois and have the Safer Illinois App, show your Green status page

You do not need to provide any other medical information or records.

The only exception to the vaccine requirement are children under 12, since they are not eligible for the vaccines.


Masks are encouraged for all attendees. We will not be enforcing a mask requirement since all adult attendees will be vaccinated, and the risk or transmission is relatively low for vaccinated individuals. However we do strongly recommend wearing masks while up and moving around the convention hall as a precaution, and to show consideration for those around you.

If someone playing a game at your table politely requests that those who join them wear a mask for their comfort, wear a mask. You can never assume to know what everyone's situation and comfort level is, so please just be kind and respectful. And if you need a refresher on our harassment policy, you can head on over here.

If you need a mask at any time during the convention, there will be some available up at the registration table. We plan to have some free disposable masks, as well as hopefully something a little fancier...

TTC mask, subject to change

Additional Measures

Social Distancing

Unless we're playing Happy Salmon, I, like most tabletop gamers, appreciate being given ample personal space. Unless you are at a table to play a game, please allow adequate social distancing space between all attendees when up and moving about. Our venue this year, the Savoy Recreation Center, is significantly bigger than the space our convention was previously held at in 2019, and additionally we will be capping attendance at around the same level we had in 2019. This should make the convention very roomy and open this year, with plenty of space to move between tables and groups of people.

Hand Sanitizer

We will also have bottles of hand sanitizer available throughout the room. Feel free to use it as much as you like before/after touching game components, or just because.

Keep staying safe out there so we can all keep gaming together!