Exhibitors for Tabletop Central 2022

Bookmarks, stickers, jewelry with charms, and pop culture art prints galore at Ani Stacia Art's booth. Chat with Ani as you get custom made jewelry with adorable character charms. Grab a few stickers for your laptop or hydro flask. Custom art is available for a low price!

Bow Tie Games is a new LGS located in downtown Urbana, IL, catering to CCGs, board games, and wargaming!

D20 Stitchery is a locally-owned crafting business specializing in handmade geeky crafts. Come by and chat about all things nerdy and browse a large selection of crafts including epic dice bags, embroidered messenger bags, and much more!

For images of products, or general geekyness, visit our website and follow us on social media!

Discardistry sells jewelry and keychains made from miniatures.

Dragon Ink Dice is all about artisan TTRPG creations. Their main focus is handmade resin polyhedral dice sets, but they also make keychains, jewelry, dice trays, boxes, and other accessories and knickknacks!

Gamer's Quartermaster creates laser cut game accessories such as dice towers, dice rolling trays, tokens, and spin counters. The designs are visually simple but come in various color options.

We are central Illinois premier dealer in Magic the Gathering, MetaZoo, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dungeons and Dragons, Sports Cards and all your gaming needs. We are centrally located in Lincoln Illinois and service the surrounding central Illinois areas!

From coasters and dice bags to entire cloaks and coats, Silly Sheep Crochet lives up to their name, layering rows upon rows of colourful yarn to create beautiful handmade pieces. Be it sprucing up your dining table, picking up a dragon egg dice bag, or wrapping up for future adventures, with the option to request custom items, you're sure to be adding a truly unique item to your collection.